Code Product Solutions

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Code Product Solutions is an international, independent provider of engineering and consulting services. We have built up expertise in simulation engineering, conceptual design, materials and manufacturing processes.

Our Engineering approach assures:

  • the highest quality standards
  • a fast time to market
  • decreased integral cost
  • optimal product performances

Code Product Solutions B.V.
Breinder 26-28
6365 CX Schinnen, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)88 115 1900
Offices: Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Chennai

Kupron Prototypes

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Kupron is a leading supplier in the automotive industry. Our strength lies in the rapid conversion of customers’ design ideas into products, so that their time-to-market performance is improved. Within the space of eight to twelve weeks we can turn a CAD design into a fully painted and assembled injection-moulded product, ready for testing or even an initial series. Projects of up to 30 moulds present no problem to us. Annually we produce around 300 moulds.

Kupron Prototypes B.V.
Industriestraat 2D
6135 KH Sittard, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)46 452 7525

Polyscope Polymers

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Polyscope is the global leader for styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers and derivatives. We are a technology-driven company active in the polymer- and specialty chemical industry with application leadership positions in automotive and electronics. Together with our customers we are continuously exploring the power of SMA. Our in-depth knowledge of SMA enables us to quickly solve practical problems for our customers. It also allows us to take a leadership role for unlocking the full potential of SMA and to develop new, innovative engineering plastics solutions today for the challenges that are facing our customers tomorrow.

Polyscope Polymers B.V.
Prins de Lignestraat 28
6161 CZ Geleen, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)46 750 0010

TRIIBUS Consultancy   

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TRIIBUS is a consultancy company, based in the south of the Netherlands. It is our ambition to have positive impact on our clients and their stakeholders, while improving people's life and our planet. TRIIBUS is an expert when it comes to execute changes driven by social and techology transformations.

TRIIBUS Management Consultancy

Ross van Lenneplaan 6B
6132 AN Sittard, Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)6 20423021