About us - the new Tier 1.5

The FAST Automotive Group is an alliance of highly specialized automotive suppliers which combine their expertise into to a total system solution. Through this unique cooperation model, we are able to deliver faster, more efficient, and reliable. We operate as a Tier 1.5.
Our customers are Tier-1, often a system supplier of complex products with high quality specifications, safety related products, light weight solutions, from-metal-to-plastic developments, hybrid products, and composites.


The four mega-trends in the auto industry
  • Autonomous driving
  • Electrification
  • Digitization
  • New mobility concepts...
...ánd the continuous cost pressure lead to:

The FAST Automotive groups creates and implement both innovations and urgent solutions for complex quality problems.

Origin and history

The FAST Automotive Group is a globally operating company that was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands by a group of senior experts with decades of automotive supplier experience.
Prior to the company’s start various partners and customers already experienced the benefit of the agile business model FAST Automotive Group represents to meet today’s customer needs.

Our mission

We create innovative technology solutions in the automotive supply chain in the most sustainable way for People, Planet, Profit, and Performance.